Balsamic Vinegar Gold Selection Line 5

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Production area: Reggio Emilia

Characteristics: Obtained from a balanced mixture of cooked musts and excellent wine vinegars, it is a dark and shiny product, with a pleasant sweet and sour taste. The refinement in barrels of precious woods enhances the scent, I mean, the gustatory perception is sweet and clean.

Nose: the bouquet is complex, the scent persistent, with accentuated balsamic notes, harmoniously balanced with fruity scents.

Taste: The body is full, denotes balance and softness. The permanent flavor, the scents are clear, clean and elegant

Accompaniment: Excellent on fresh salads, grilled or grilled vegetables, fish and shellfish. It characterizes meat-based sauces, it enhances white meat dishes, cured meats and appetizers. The soft taste goes well with desserts, pastry creams and ice creams. A few drops are enough to flavor fruit salads.

Format: 0,10L in box