Anghelus Rosso IGP


  1. Production area Production area: Friuli Venezia Giulia
  2. Grapes contidagostino wines Variety: blend of native Friulian vines
  3. Service temperature Tasting temperature: 18-20 ° C
  4. vintage Vintage: 2020
  5. alcohol content Alcohol content: 13.5% Vol
  6. format Format: 0.75L
  7. format Recommended glass : Ballon


It is the result of an intelligent blend of native Friulian vines curated by the oenologist Gianni Macari in a very particular way. It has a full and fragrant bouquet with a delicate scent of raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. Pleasant taste, harmonious body, with a slight hint of barrique.

Food and wine pairing

For its strong and personal character, it loves to accompany grilled meats, roasts and aged cheeses. Aristocratic wine. it is produced in limited quantities and therefore every sip must be appreciated.